Saturday, July 14, 2007


Well, that's a wrap.
Kim Possible is officially finished.
I honestly thought I'd be a little more emotional about the last day, but there was a full schedule and there wasn't much time to stop and wax nostalgic. We started the day with a 11:00 playback of the last episode for Mark, Bob, Clay and myself to give the final sign-off. There were no jokes and no wisecracks as we were just totally involved in the episode and we very pleased with the results. The final episode was a very tough road. There was extensive re-writing all the way through the process including the final days of animatic. We had, at least, three alternate endings that were fully storyboarded and recorded. In fact, the 'big' moment at the end was conceived at the last minute.

(Panels from an alternate ending)

As the final frames played, I called out "Well, that's it" and we had a round of applause for the core crew of KP bigwigs. Mark, Bob and I posed for one last photo and they ran off to their Nickelodeon digs.

The day before we had arranged for a select group of KP crew to come down to the studio and see the final episodes. They came from various studios to be there and they included Nick Filippi, Andy Ice, Louie Del Carmen, Anna Boyadjian and Wade Wisinski. It was great to see everyone again and everybody really liked the finale. After that, I packed up my last box and headed off to my final meeting at another building regarding a Kim Possible project that is being worked on (and has been worked on for a while). I can not speak about it, but I think some of you clever guys will figure it out.
And in that 96 degree parking lot ,at some building I've never been to before, closed the final chapter in the longest running series I had ever worked on.

This has been a fantastic experience and I'm very proud of the work we've done and I want to thank everyone that ever had a hand in any Kim Possible episode. Very special thanks go to the two people I've had the longest working relationship in my career- Mr. Mark McCorkle and Mr. Robert Schooley. I'll see you guys at the new office.

But the biggest thank you goes to you. I've never gotten to know a fan base as special as the KP fan base. I've met some remarkable people and had the pleasure of interacting with the audience in a way I've never done before. You guys are the best and when things got tough, it's knowing that the KP fans were out there is what gave us the energy to pull through. In the most sincere way possible- thanks.

(last panel from an alternate ending- All images owned by Disney)

'Soundtrack Of My Life' for the week of 7/12-

Crowded House- Time On Earth. I can't stop listening to this album. 'Sometimes you have to turn the wrong way around'


kpfan72491 said...

Steve, I know the finale is going to be amazing. I don't know why I was crying when reading this blog. You guys have done a great job on this series, that's why us the KP fans like it so much and why we fought so hard the fpurth season. KP changed our lives and it's all because of everyone who worked on it. So I would love to thank all of you. :D.


Nabu San said...

Amazing! What a great final blog entry! The alternate ending looks amazing. I'm wonderin' if Kim is being driven to an airport, or to a college in the US? 'cause that would go against her plan to study abroad. If it's the first, I hope the University is in London! And it's weird seeing Bob and Mark wearing vistor passes. I wish them all the best at Nick! And the biggest thing of all - A SECRET KIM POSSIBLE PROJECT?! Steve, you big tease! :D I sincerely hope you're able to tell us as soon as possible! I'm praying for DVDs of some sort until then.

LSUebonygrl said...

Wow, congrats Steve on wrapping up such a wonderful series. I've been a fan of KP since the beginning and have been a lurker on for quite some time, but I had to come out of lurkdom to tell you that I cant wait to enjoy this finale! Even though this is a bittersweet end to the series for you and the fans, please know that you and the KP staff have completed a quality project that has been so meaningful to so many fans! Job well done, and I wish you the best!

Louie del Carmen said...


Great seeing you and thanks again for inviting me to the screening.

All told I had a hand storyboarding on KP seasons 2 through 4 and it goes down as one of my absolute favorite shows i've ever worked on. A lot of it had to do with your very casual and loose directing style. So thank you for the space and the confidence!

It's great seeing these panels from the several alternate endings we did. I almost forgot about that ending shot!

Peter Pan said...

Aw ... I got all bleary eyed reading that!
So ... its the Team Possible thing at MGM, isnt it? Please say it is! The footage on youtube is brill!
Best of luck guys ... here's hoping Disney call you , beep you some time in the future.

Wally said...

Thank you for what i have considered the most enjoyable show on TV. It is rare television show that is enjoyable even when watched a second time.

Shame it was not renewed for fifth season because season 4 in some respects was better. (Hannah and Warmonga alone were worth it.) But alas apparently the ratings were not improved. But as it is season 4 was a well deserved encore.

Best of luck at your new jobs. maybe your new employers might consider a similar show with appropriate changes that does not infringe on Disney trademarks and copyrights.

I think there is a gap in the cartoon market fare that is not being filled between Adult Swim and Disney and this show landed near or in it.

Where is Ron in the alternative storyboard? Kim sure looks glum.
Was this alternative ending a Rowlings/Shakesperian tragic ending?


Roger said...


I am so excited for the finale. It is right there with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! (DON'T KILL RON

Kim does look REALLY sad. Ever since the Clothes Minded episode, the fact that Kim and Ron will not be going to college together (since Ron is applying to American colleges and Kim applied to international colleges) has been on my mind and...concerned me.

I do hope they are DVD sets. It would make me so nerd happy. Who knows, maybe a live action movie. Not bloody likely but hey, it would make a great franchise! (Actually, I believe that so much that a spec script I am writing is a film adaptation...yeah, I know I probably wont ever sell it but I am having a blast, the story is good, and hey, it could get me a job!) I digress though. I can't wait to see what it is. If you do do a DVD, I really hope it has commentaries and lots of documentaries and concept art!

I would like to echo so much of what has already been said. The staff of Kim Possible was incredible and provided me so much more than I was expecting. Season 4 was such a great treat! Best of luck to you in all your endeavors.

Sorry this was so long! :-P


slicknickshady said...

Roger in clothes minded remember Ron said he would have to apply to more colleges since kim wanted to go overseas. Honestly i don't think college will be addressed in the finale.

Roger Brunke said...


You know, I didn't actually associate that line as him going international. Yet going back and watching that scene, yes, it does seem to be the case. My bad. Still, good chance that they wouldn't go to the same school.

ShegoDrakkenFan1 said...

I am and always will be Kim Possible's BIGGEST FAN. Reading this page I am trying desparatly not to cry.If there's one thing that I love unconditionally more than anything else with all my heart it's Kim Possible. It truly is my everything. I honestly don't have a clue where I'd be if it weren't for her. I am so grateful to Bob, Mark, Steve, Christy, Will, John and Nicole (as well as the rest of you hard workin' KP cast) for giving me as well as the world something so wonderful. I will never love anything the way I love KP. No matter what TV (as well as Disney) tries to throw at me. There will never be a more loyal Kim Possible fan. ANd even after the finale I will continue to write on RSRNP and draw her, and hope for her legacy to live forever. Disney will never be the same without her. There's nothing like a teenaged red head cheerledader fighting a mad scientist with his black and green sidekick alongside her best friend with a naked mole rat. That's the most wonderful thing I've ever had in my life. Thank you. Becasue it wasn't until I saw KP that I realized how bueatiful life is. And I will never
love her any less. So now before I start crying............goodbye Kim Possible. Thank you.

jniffen said...

Wow, that alternate ending with Kim in the car really tears at the heart.

I hope the one that was recorded won't be so sad.

I have said something of the following to Bob and Mark through emails and on the site.

The KP crew has created a character and story that will live on. She will be like Popeye from the 30's and 40's, Superman, The Flintstones, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Scooby Doo (no Scrappy Do of course) the list is not that long.

The KP story is a part of American culture. How much more will depend on how the company which owns the rights maintains it.

The biggest thanks is for the way the crew has treated the fans of KP. Everyone could have ignored us, but you didn't in fact you reached out and said thanks in your own way.

I wish the best of luck to everyone in their careers.

BirdMan said...

Wow... I can't believe it's over. This was SUCH A GREAT SERIES! A Landmark in fact!!!

BirdMan said...

^Actually, "GREAT" is an understatement.. This was the only show I ever liked that I REALLY REALLY became a fan of. Season 2 just caught my eye one summer quite a few years ago, and I've loved the show and the characters ever since. (Great Work Steve L. :)!
I just started my own blogspot account, and I would LOVE IT if you sent me comments with advice for an aspiring animator. My blog is called "Animation Creation" (, and I just talk about my interest in cartooning and tv animation. I am ust 14, so I would appreciate ANY advice you can give me. Thank You, for the T.V. show, and everything :) :D!

That One Guy said...

I wrote a "little" something to express my sincerest gratitude for the gem that is Kim Possible.

It's been, by far, Disney Channel's greatest asset.

It's brought much joy into my life and the lives of my family. We never tire of seeing KP and engrossing ourselves in the world that you've created.

I wish all of the KP staff the best of success in your future projects; and I seriously hope the secret Kim Possible project is an animated theatrical movie or jam-packed with goodies DVD boxed sets.

We need our DVDs!!!

I understand that Mr. Schooley and Mr. McCorkle have gone to Nickelodeon. When you said, "I'll see you guys at the new office." does that mean you're leaving Disney too?

I hope not, but even if so, best of luck again in all you do.

Thanks again for such a wonderful wonderful show. KP will live on in our hearts.

Faith Bowie said...

You guys rule, man, KP was one of the greatest shows, live action or animated, in television history and it's really going to be missed.

No offense to the KP crew, but screw Disney, screw Eisner, screw Iger and screw 3-d over 2-d.

BigJohn said...

Graduation... last episode :/
I was crying so much when I herd about it.
I was trying to help save Kim even on my website, - "The Best Kim Possible WebSite In Poland"
My friend send petition yesterday, but it's useless now :/

Thank you so much, all guys from "KP Crew" for the best show ever.

Emz said...

I just want to say Thank you for creating Kim Possible and Thank you to the entire KP staff who made the show possible.

I only became hooked on Kim Possible in April 2007 and I'm glad I did. I'll be crossing my fingers that Disney will sell DVDs of each season and I'm looking forward to hopefully listening to your commentaries!

Thank you again.

James's said...

Looks like this is not the ending...

Joshua said...

Nice Ending! Really shows the personalities in the characters. I'm curious to see the alternate endings though......

Melissa said...

We are very sorry to see the show at an end! My six year daughter has just really gotten into the show in the last few weeks. We even ordered a Kim Possible costume for her for Halloween this year. She will be absolutely devasted to find out it is done. I hope we hear of your plans to continue with a movie or some other project soon. Good luck!

Mateusz said...

no chances for 5 season ? :( damn, best Disney Product and they end it ? !

Daryl T said...

Thanks Steve for a great show. KP was the best show on Disney Channel. Dr. Draken is awesome. Sorry it has to end. Hope everything goes well in the future.

Thanks a lot.

Daryl T

Legionair said...

Hey there Steve,

Here's a little (or actually, quite a long) note from a fan from Holland. Jetix is airing the first two seasons of KP right now, and I've fallen for the show head over heels. Really, it's one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen, you did everything right with this one.

Naturally, like most fans, I felt quite sad when I found out the show had ended about two months ago. I guess that once you come to follow a show like KP, get to know the characters and watch as they grow, you'll somehow start regarding them as friends. Not friends with which you can interact or anything, but friends that make you laugh, face some of the problems you do. And naturally when friends leave, you simply miss them. I think that's how a lot of people feel about the cast of Kim Possible, and it might be the reason for the huge amount of fanfics and fanart made for the show. I think a lot of people simply want to believe that Kim, Ron and everybody else are still 'out there'.

This sorta gave me an idea for a show. Note that I'm not trying to sell you an idea or something, you can do whatever you want with it. But I was thinking about a talk show for characters from cartoons. Can you imagine? Kim and Ron coming on a show telling about college and what they've been doing the last couple of months? Right after this exclusive interview with Donald or Darkwing Duck? Personally, I think it could work out great. For the younger kids, it would add to their imaginary world. And I think that even the older fans like me, would in some silly way take comfort from the fact that Kim and Ron are still 'out there'.

It's just a thought, do with it whatever you want. Maybe it's just my way of coping with the idea that Kim Possible has ended. Hope I wasn't sounding crazy or anything. Anyway, thank you for all those wonderful episodes. You created the best daily show for Disney up until this point, one that has every right to be called a Disney classic. Good luck working for Nickelodeon.

p.s. Kim and Ron is one of the greatest 'ships' ever, the way you made this work was monumental.

Anonymous said...

I hate to see a good show end, animated or live action. Good luck in any of your future projects.

ItachiUchiha06 said...

To be honest. It would be nice to do a Season 5 and then make one final movie to end it all.

Anonymous said...

I MISS KIM POSSIBLE! Anyways, let us in on the secret KP project! What's next for KP? I wanted something like The college Years. The alternate ending showed that Kim is going to some college. As for Ron, what is his future? feeding pets at Smarty Mart till they stick him in the grave? I feel like crying for him now :( Another thing I want clarified, at the end, Do Drakken and Shego really start dating? Well, season 5 is way beyond our horizon since Bob and Mark are now working for Nick. Best of luck to them both. Now KP is gone, there are not many good cartoons left on cable TV. What is taking KP's spot is mostly crap. I caught WordGirl and it rocks! If you guys can, can you now release boxed sets for every season. I thank you for putting all the KP eps in iTunes, I love it! Also, will the KP Epcot thing at Disney World Still be there? I also wanted KP themed Wii Game. I know it will rock harder than Rockband! Have you ever checked out that new show Phinneas and Ferb? I think its total nonsense. One critic raved that it could be the next Kim Possible. LIES!!!!!! I speak for all KP fans when I say that there will never be a show that will compare to KP 100%! NEVER! As for you Kimmie, I will always remember you as a teen hero who kicks bad guy biscuit on a daily basis. You have inspired me to be someone who is caring, outgoing, and loving to those around you. You have taught me so many things about being a teen in High School. Now that we both graduated and are the class in 2007, It is like saying Goodbye to another classmate. Just like my real classmates, you may be gone but never forgotten. I will always have you on some DVD or on my iPod [if I ever get one :)] I miss you and I will always love you like Ron does! GoodBye Kim! Goodbye Ron! Goodbye Rufus! Hope your future endeavors are hurricane rock! Goodbye Bob! Goodbye Mark! Hope you have fun at Nickelodeon! [applauds at end of Graduation Part 2]

Baby-A said...

this was an amazing series.. and what was that about the new KP project your working on?.. the one you said smart guys would figure out? cuz I'm really hoping that it's a season 5 cuz I miss KP a lot. the perfect series ever! just ended. :'( but I LOVE the ending.. I just wish there would be more Kim Possible to watch. I really like their romantic comedy team up, not too cheesy, not too cold JUUUST perfect! Pls. keep updating this blog if ever there would be more ok?.. you guys DID AWESOME!

AverageAmerican said...

Your series is an inspiration to us all. It shaped my life in more ways then you can possibly imagine. I know it was just a cartoon some show I stumbled upon as a teen when I was at a friend's house (her little sister was watching it), but I enjoyed it all the same. It gave me hope and inspired me to do great things.

I cannot explain why, but your series touched me in a big way. It changed me, and made me desire to dedicate my life to helping others. I know volunteer, recycle, work out, and I have a much better and much more positive outlook on life thanks to your series. I strive to help others, and it truly made me see the world in a much better light. I don't know if you still check this blog or not, but I want you to know how much this series means to people, and how much you helped influence the lives of others. Anything is possible. It is a really positive image, and it is the embodiment of the American dream. If there were more shows like this out there spreading good messages to the youth, teens, and even grown ups seeing as how I am one now then I think this world would be a much better place, and I think more Americans would understand just how great this country is because that theme of anything is possible is the foundation of what made America great.

We are currently facing tough times, and it is now more important then ever for decent shows like this one to be on the air for if it affected my life so profoundly, and I now go out and do my very best to help others for the rest of my life just think of how many people have benefited from a show that inspired me even if they have never seen it without it I would probably be sitting around doing nothing with my life not trying to help people become better and to just help people get something a little more out of life. I know I've helped hundreds probably even a little over a thousand people since this show inspired me to get out there and help others.

I don't know what your next project is, perhaps, a spin-off series detailing her years after high school or a major motion picture, but I hope you know how vital it is to continue with programs such as this one not only because they are entertaining, but also because they inspire people, and they deliver a message that is wonderful. Please consider returning to many more seasons of Kim Possible or a series of movies perhaps, but please do not stop for you have a fan base that wants more because this show is the best written cartoon series out there, and it is the best show on TV right now even if it is only in rerun format.

I signed the first petition to keep this show going for another season. I hope you will all reconsider given the impact this show has had on so many people even beyond sheer entertainment purposes. It is nice to see a show that places wonderful values and a wonderful outlook on life for its lead character to have. It gave me faith in the American dream and indeed in people. It also got me to workout more and eat better thanks too all of the action scenes and the whole Ron in health class episode. I know this is a long comment, but I cannot express enough how wonderful this show is. I look forward to your other projects. Please keep this show alive, and get the DVD's of all of the episodes released out there so the general public can see this show. It truly is the greatest show of all time. I thank you all for everything you have done for the fans of Kim Possible and for inspiring me so much.

Michael Downey said...

Absolutely awesome series Steve & Co! I loved Kim Possible ever since I started watching it. The animation is great, the characters are well portrayed and voice actors top notch.

But for me what really draws this series together is the humour. I laugh out loud at nearly every episode! Such unbelievably well written dialogue!

I hope you consider doing a Season 5 if you can keep up the freshness. And I really hope Disney has to good sense to make proper boxsets out of these!

'Till then. Long live KP!

najibu said...

Truly an amazing series. Its sad to see it end, but hey, like all good thing...

that, or become long enough to lose all its charm like some series.

I'm glad KP ended while its still in top form =)

Susie said...

This show was awesome!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! I wished I picked it up earlier and not 2 years after it ended!!! I wish there was more quality animations like this! I loved everything about it, from the dialogue, the AMAZING characters and the ANIMATION!! (2-d Style ROCKS!!) I wish Disney would just take a risk and end all the live action stuff and just do more AWESOME animation like this! Thanks guys! THANK YOU!!! thank you :)

Blue Fox said...

It's amazing to see that across the internet, the cult following for Kim Possible is still going strong now about even three years after Season IV had concluded.

I got into Kim Possible a couple of months back when I watched some of the episodes on YouTube: I spent the next few days watching every episode and movie I could find, from 'Bueno Nacho' to 'Graduation'. It was heart warming to see Kim and Ron finally date and get together.

Thank you so much for a wonderful series that appealed not only to the original target audience, but also adults with its witty humour, dialogue, plot and character interaction.

I do hope that Disney does not see Kim Possible as being fully concluded and that it's not left to mould in some Disney vault somewhere: it's too good for that, and I'm sure that mostly everyone who had watched the original series would love to see more of their college 'sitch' brought into daylight.

Again, thank you all for such a wonderful series,


Valerie said...

Hi, you still haven't told us what that secret KP project thingy was?
What is it?! cause I remember seeing this blog... I don't know... 3 years ago! I'm really looking forward to a theatrical release, cause I think it is and I still think is the best way to end this series like: What happens next? Are Warhok and Warmonga alive? Ron's Mystical Monkey powers? College? bla bla bla! please! tell us...

Anyway Thanks for the amazing series!

AireDogz said...

It's a shame, but I hope there's gonna be something like a movie or something.

RJ said...

Sorry to post this in the KP fan blog, Steve, but I had purchased a print of Rocket Girl from you at Wondercon in early April. You said it would get shipped the next week and it hasn't arrived yet. Can you email me at if there were any questions about my delivery address.


RJ Johnson

Thomas said...

Three years later, and people are still commenting about it. That right there just shows how powerful a series you actually had with KP. People want to see what happens with Kim and Ron after graduation. Do their kids get involved, perhaps?

Amy said...

i really miss this show :( thank goodness i can find it online...i still watch it :)

CollegeCook Ali said...

I seriously wanna thank you even though it is years later. Kim Possible remains my fave disney show that came on and I hold to the fact it is better than most current disney shows. Ron Stoppable was my fave hero in the show. Thank you all for creating it and bringing it forward :)

Silverivy said...

This is years late, haha. I have to say you guys did an amazing job with kim possible. I loved that show. No, scratch that, I love it. Even my dad loved it. I have wall stickers, a lamp and all of the video games. I have to say the sweet life was never that great. I can't believe it replaced it. I really miss the show, you guys should play reruns sometime soon.

yelly said...

Wonder if people would be able to convince Disney to somehow commission a KP in college movie :p
And you know you've done something great when people are still commenting and reading the posts so many years after the end of the series :)

boooyah said...

oh man! I love(d) that show so much. It´s just so sad that one of the best cartoon series ended. I love the jokes and the whole sitch xD after 4 years people are still fighting for season 5 and I clearly understand why!

aaaa booooooooyaaaaahhhhh!!!!

boooyah said...
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Raven said...

Still after all this time, Kim Possible is one of the best, if not THE best animated series Disney has produced since the syndication/Disney Afternoon era. It was quality through and through and will never be forgotten in the hearts and minds of the viewers it has touched so deeply. The show ran through a pretty major time in my life, my own high school years, and knowing that it was always there meant a lot in the long run.

KP was the first show that made me rejoice when Disney Channel stopped being a premium cable channel. It gave me a reason to care about that channel in the first place amongst a sea of other programming and other channels warring for my time. During the later years after the series officially ended I even regularly stayed up until the wee hours of the morning just to catch the show where Disney Channel had seemed to bury it with several of its other animated series. The show grew and evolved from something the network appeared to put all its faith into at the start, but waned until it was the only animated series they supported and eventually wanted to bury it altogether. Of course until fans such as myself spoke up and fought for that fourth season, which made it all the sweeter. At that point it truly felt like a love letter to the fans, a reward for our dedication to Kim and the gang.

I will always have a strong bond with this show, nearly 10 years strong, and for every time I've dressed up like Ron, tried making nacos or carried a Rufus plush peeking out of a cargo pocket, I thank everyone who made Kim Possible, well, possible.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the best show on television since M*A*S*H.

louisluck said...

So Five years after the finale aired, I have spent the last few weeks watching every single episode.

And you know what I need more.

Even with 4 series it is all over far to quickly.

Graduation to me felt like there was something more coming - a movie perhaps - there was so much left open for such a thing.

I know a plea does nothing - but on the off chance that some one of influence reads this.

It's 5 years on. There's a whole new ordinance - air the old episodes at prime time - commision one last series and movie and round everything up.

Sure fans will always want more - but I'd settle for closure.

Kim Possible is just a fantastic show, with a fantastic message.

Any thing is possible - so please some one make it possible

Ashley Sardelli said...

Time keeps moving on, and yet the fans still want more! Is there any way that this "secret project" is going to happen? I mean if they can do a sequel to "Boy Meets World", then they can do anything! Especially more Kim Possible! :) *Fingers crossed*

grady cohen said...

Bob and Mark PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEEE make some more seasons of Kim Possible
Kind Regards

Prakkat Tha Don said...

Grady Cohen I feel you brother I want nothing more than Season 5 and more and more and more of Kim Possible... Cant get enough of it. And im a 18 years old Boy. Kim Possible is definitely a role model and I love how she was represented by the creators. Our Kids from today Need KP back cause what they look up to now are Instagram models, models in General and other thots. We Need our and the childrens saviour KP back.
Thank you for the immense work dear Mr. Scholey and McCorkle. Your work will never be forgotten. Kim Possible Stan til infity and as Long as I can remember her and the Crew. Much love goes out to the fanbase. To all those who're still down for petitions, mails and initiatives for Season five. Hold on. Be strong. Wheres a will theres a way. And Disney aint a Soul-less Company that we know.

Much love to yall. Have a blessed life. Thanks the whole KP Crew for this beautiful nostalgic series, which bloomed so much in me and thousands of others. Kim Possible, you will always be in my heart locked with unconditional love.

Even though Im real sad about this distance without Actions. Its been 10 years now and still nothing. i dont know why they dont give it to us even if we out here, makin the interest clear...
Also im heartbroken about this one gruesome picture that is in my head.
Kim and Ron side by side but six feet deep. Nothing but teardrops and closed caskets. I know thats Kind of a mental disorder but this just represtin the current Situation...
And the power to revive my People is on Disney, the god of my emotions on this one.

We gotta do something yall we gots to do summin. Cause the more life goes on and the KP Folks out there forgettin about the Show, the less big will be the interest. And thats not an Advantage for Disneys Money schemes.
My hope is that the Crew, when working on Big Hero 6, will remember about the good times they had with KP. And then they ll start thinkin about for a reboot and shit. I hope KP will be back fellas. ASAP N0W.

ps. You can call me beep if you wanna reach me about Kim possible or whatever. Dont bother yall! Bless me with your thoughts on for further Information. We out here kickin it off strong in this muthafucka xD

Love and Peace before we say RIP to Ron and KP fanbase out here yelling on every street bring back before we all decease.

A Fan.


Jack said...

Kim Possible had fantastic pacing and remains to be one of the most cleverly delivered shows to date. With all these reboots going on, here's to hoping you guys can bring this one back.

Alternatively, can I suggest a spin-off series starring Shego? Now that would certainly be a dream come true.

Another fan,

Gamemod M60 said...

That’s nice

Paulo Alipio said...

Please revive it.