Wednesday, July 11, 2007

'Graduation' Part 2- MIXED!

We finished the mix of the final episode of Kim Possible at Advantage Audio today. We started around 2:00 and ended around 5:45, which is actually one of our longest mixes ever. When you see the show, you'll understand why.

The sound design is massive. There was difficulty in being able to hear specific sounds because the mix is so dense.

(my notes from the mix)

Fil and Melissa braved the audio storm and made a perfect mix (as always). There was even a delicious assortment of food including gourmet cupcakes, which was a hot topic of conversation.

To our pleasant suprise, they toasted us with a terrific bottle of champagne as we said farewell to our friends at Advantage Audio.

(checking our

The final mixed sound- 'bonk'.
I'm serious.

I guess this is also the time to make the official announcement of what the title is. We were temporarily calling it 'Untitled' or 'Graduation'. We always figured we would come up with something better, but before we knew it, paperwork went through and it became officially- 'Graduation'. We were actually going to call it 'Graduation Invasion'.
However, as Mark pointed out earlier today, 'Graduation' works because it's not just graduation from school, it's also......(Spoiler).

So there is 2 days left at the studio and the last thing to do is playback the episode and give the final approval. I'll blog the last part on Friday.


slicknickshady said...

Kim & Ron look so good. They have there arms around each other in that one photo. So Sweet.

Nabu San said...

Yet another enticing glance into the finale, and all the theorizing has the fandom abuzz! Tripod troops, Ron in a spacesuit, Kim in ripped Graduation garb and FINALLY a title for the finale. Simply awesome!

KimXRonfangirl said...

I see a ring on kims finger!! Is it a ring Ron gave to her?!

Roger Brunke said...


I am not certain I see a ring on her finger, I think it may be Ron's suit. It could be a ring though. I mean, look at that picture above of Kim and Ron. Look at their faces. Then go watch "Car Alarm" know which scene I mean. The faces look VERY similar, especially Kim's. Not identical but similar. It may very well be that Ron is proposing to Kim (it would be so a Kim Possible moment, the world is coming to an end and THEN Ron decides to ask Kim!) I get the feeling that this is unlikely but who knows? I know I wouldn't complain!

Silverivy said...

Kim possible was the best show ever! They really should play reruns. I miss it.