Friday, June 22, 2007


This week we 'locked' the final episode of KP. When we 'lock' something it means we cannot make any changes to the length of the show such as adding or removing any scenes. We still have plenty of work left to do on the episode including re-animating some characters within scenes, but the scenes must remain the same length. The 'locked' DVD is then given to us to call any ADR (Dialog recorded to the picture) and the composer, Adam Berry, for music.
The episode is looking better and better each day as our digital effects department works their magic and fixes and adds special effects and corrects mistakes.
On Thursday, Joe and I did our final 'edit' ever on KP. It was assembling a 'previously on...' sequence for when the the two parter is shown as separate episodes. I think Joe was joking that I should have some emotional outpouring (which except for frequent rants, is totally not like me) but it didn't matter since I was far too exhausted from carting my boxes.

(Heavier than they look!)

This entire week I've been packing up my boxes for moving and I've been amazed at some of the stuff I've been finding including something special. One of my favorite items is the packet of fan mail I've collected over the years. I've never received fan mail on any other show I've ever worked on, so thanks to everyone who sent some in. There's even some hate mail! Thanks for that too, cause I got a lot of laughs out of it.
One of the angry letters wrote that my work was too reminiscent to Joss Whedon.

You could not give me a better compliment.

Except if you gave me cash. Cash is good.



'Soundtrack Of My Life' for the week of 6/18-
Amy Winehouse- Back To Black. Okay, I know I'm going to get a lot of nasty comments because of this, but the album is REALLY good. Quite often I wonder what 'f*****y' is this, too.

KP Countdown- 21 days.


Nabu San said...

Back to Black? Saw the video for that once; very jazzy/souly!

Your office looks so different stripped bare. Rather depressing, actually. And lol, someone compared you to Joss Whedon? Well, you had a ton of Buffy toys in your office once - so no wonder you took that as a compliment :)

So - the Locking stage? You may not have an 'emotional outpouring' now - but I'm sure it'll happen on the last day. :P God, that DVD is the single-greatest object EVER! *yearns in awe* And the fact that you're having a 'previously on...' sequence makes me yearn for it even more - considering it'll probably never be released on Disney DVD. *sob* and thus we'll be deprived of a feature-length Widecreen movie ala StD.

QuinSeparable said...

Your office looks so bare! *sobs* Nabusan's is depressing.

But I can't wait to see this once you finish everything. Man, I wish we could see some of the "unedited" stuff..that'd be way too cool!

Possiblekim said...

Nice, you can see the title on the DVD like Ch1 Fix and Ch 2 Dial

Nabu San said...

Quicktime movie, eh? Is that what makes its way onto iTunes?

Adnan said...

I wish I could just slip that dvd into my disk drive! :D

Tanker said...

OMG, I had no idea any of those KP toys existed. It just never occured to me to look for any. I MUST HAVE THEM.

Since I've always seen KP as the animated Buffy that we never got, it makes perfect sense to me to compare you to Joss.

Melanie Bentley said...

Hey, how much for all of the Kim Possible stuff? I am still a very huge fan and I am willing to pay whatever it takes to get all of the Kim Possible accessories, movies, CD's etc.