Thursday, June 28, 2007

That's a wrap for Christy, Will and Nicole!

It's been a busy week here in KP land.
On Tuesday we mixed Part One of the finale at Advantage Audio in Burbank, Ca.
A 'mix' is when you combine the music, sound effects, dialog and anything else on an audio track and mix the levels. We usually preview the sound effects on the previous day, as always created by the king of squeak toy sounds- Paca Thomas. So, with our fantastic mixers- Fil Brown and Melissa Gentry-Ellis, we spent the next afternoon getting the levels just right for either your big stereo set up or little tiny tv speakers.

(Left to right- Melissa Gentry-Ellis, Paca Thomas and Fil Brown)

Traditionally, Mark, Bob and I gain a bit of weight due to the wonderful spread of snacks and food put out before us. We'll miss Advantage, but our pants will be grateful.

On Wednesday, we had a play-back of the episode at the studio for the final OK, before it is sent away around the world to be ready for airing. Recently we had a play-back for an episode that everyone was REALLY tired of seeing, so we created our own off-color running commentary track as the show played. If they ever put together DVD's for KP and ask us to do commentaries, I guarantee you they will be pretty funny but I'd imagine we'd have to watch our language.

On Thursday we had the final recording session with most of our KP stars. The stage was set at L.A. Studios in Universal City, Ca in Studio F. as we recorded with Kerri Kenney, George Takei, Kevin M. Richardson, Nicole Sullivan, Will Friedle and a slightly teary Christy Carlson Romano. Jokes were made, there was hugs all around and Nicole deftly recorded new Shego dialog that was originally recorded by your humble blogger as we bid farewell to our wonderful cast.

Kim's final line of dialog recorded for the tv series- "uuhhh...huh?"

(Left to right- Bob, Steve, Mark, Christy, Will and Lisa)

'Soundtrack Of My Life' for the week of 6/25-

Fountains Of Wayne- Welcome Interstate Managers. I'm still waiting for Halley's waitress.

KP Countdown- 14 days


YaminayFaisal said...

George Takei aka Sensai? Kerri Kenney aka. Warmonga and Kevin Michael Richardson aka. Slim Possible? They could very easily play other characters - but WOW, that's quite a line-up! I thought we'd see the last of Sensai in Oh No! Yono! Does this mean that finale will involve Mystical Monkey Power? And if Slim Possible's gonna be back, does that mean we'll see Joss again? Oh the speculation! And ANOTHER picture from the finale! You're spoiling us Steve :D

Peter Pan said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you ... (get the idea?) for this great show. Due to how it airs on and off over here in teh UK, I have been tracking down the epidosdes online and now have complete season 1- 3 box sets made up and start watching season 3 tonight!
Good luck in all your future projects ... and fingers crossed they decide to get you all back for a movie one day.
All the best

kpfan72491 said...

I swear I started crying when I read this blog. I can't believe it's over. This has been my favorite show since day one and now I can't believe it's over. You guys have done a great job. I would like to know who eles is in the finale. I love you guys. Thank you for a great show.


Geranus said...

Bueno voy a escribir esto en español en primer lugar por que mi ingles es realmente malo y en segundo lugar por que en mi propia lengua es como mejor puedo decir las cosas tal vez no leas este comentario Steve pero me servirá para desahogarme.

Estuvieron cerca pero no lo lograron casi logran crear una animación con una calidad equiparable a un anime japones pero con un estilo muy propio muy americano pero su poco respeto por la continuidad y por la evolución y crecimiento de los personajes no lo permitio en fin creo que todos los personajes de esta serie son geniales lastima que ustedes no tuvieron la capacidad creativa suficiente para darles lo que se merecían creo que tuvieron una gran oportunidad y la dejaron ir realmente me gusto este show y me duele que termine por que por su cobardía y mojigateria americana no llego a ser lo que pudo ser creo que lo peor que lo paso a Kim es caído en Disney ojala hubiera caído en una compañía con una mente mas abierta.

Nabu San said...

Rough translation courtesy of

"Good I am going to write this in Spanish in the first place so that my ingles is really bad perhaps and secondly so that in my own language it is as better I can say the things you do not read east Steve commentary but it will serve me to relieve to me. They were close but they did not obtain it almost manage to create an animation with a equipable quality to animates japones but with a very American very own style but its little respect by the continuity and the evolution and growth of the personages it permitio in aim I do not believe that all the personages of this series are brilliant hurts that you did not have the creative capacity sufficient to give them what they were deserved I believe that they had a great opportunity and I let it really go I like east show and hurts to me that finishes so that by its American cowardice and mojigateria I do not get to be what could be I believe that the worse thing than it passage to Kim is fallen in Disney ojala had fallen in a company with an opened mind but."