Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mark & Bob's Farewell Lunch 6/13/07

(From left to right- lurking in the background Tom Hart, Dialog director Lisa Schaffer, Bob, Mark, Will, Christy and Steve)
During the presentation, Mark and Bob's most memorable quips and quotes were read to everyone's amusement. One of the best quotes from Mark during his 17 year stint regarding an idea pitch from a fellow writer- "Are you drunk or are you stupid?"

However, my absolute favorite is-
Executive (after reading a new script)- "So what are the children getting out of this?"
Bob- "22 minutes closer to death."

Kim Countdown- 4 weeks left to go.


captainkodak1 said...

I want to thank all of you for your great work. The show has really made a difference for me. I would have never gotten into writing like I have. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future. It was an honor and priviledge to get to talk to most of you on the phone that day at the luncheon.

We the fans will never forget you and what you have done. We the fans will also keep her alive and well in our hearts, our minds, our pictures and our stories.

Nabu San said...

Looks like you had a great turnout! I'm so glad THE Kim and Ron were able to make it too. 22 minutes closer to death, indeed. Every episode of KP seems to be bittersweet, as it's one episode closer to the finale :(

Kayleigh said...

22 minutes closer to death. That's great. =]P

Thank you guys for everything! I'm so glad I found this amazing show. I continue to find myself doing things I never would have considered doing before KP. Actually, I think I started gymnastics because of KP. I'm starting to think about a potential gym college scholarship. =]

There ya go, KP gives scholarships! Lol.

Иван said...

This best of the best.Kim never does not be to die. She will remain constantly in our hearts. The endless appreciations to the entire work party The small series had rendered that incredible. The bow wound before the labor. We thank you

Ivan from Bulgaria

mackyton said...

Joyous to see this farewell party. Hope everyone had a great time. Had been to my uncle’s retirement party that was arranged at one of venue NYC. It was really awesome with excellent arrangements. The food and cocktails were just fabulous.